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Inclusion Advisory Board Members and FA Council Member representing BAME Communities (HB0023)

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    Pro bono
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    CEO and Chairman's Office
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    Home based
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    14 November 2019
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Our Organisation

The Football Association (The FA) is the governing body of football in England. We are responsible for promoting and developing the game at all levels; from grassroots through to the professional game, The FA Cup and the England teams, and has two core assets: Wembley Stadium and St. George's Park.


The FA's vision is that football is for everyone and we are determined to break down barriers which get in the way of progress. Today, we are the governing body of a national community that includes more than 11 million football participants, almost 30 million spectators and more than 90,000 grassroots teams.


At The FA, equality, diversity and inclusion means valuing and celebrating our differences. Nurturing the right working environment and culture means everyone thrives and can be themselves.

For the game, it means everyone's welcome, ensuring differences between us do not create barriers to getting into football and staying involved.


We believe embracing equality, diversity and inclusion makes us stronger, and better equipped to meet the challenges of the modern game.

The Role

The Football Association is seeking to appoint a number of independent members to its Inclusion Advisory Board (IAB).

The Inclusion Advisory Board was introduced by The Football Association in 2013 following the introduction of the cross-football Inclusion and Anti-Discrimination (IAD) Plan. The IAB reports, via the chair, to the main FA Board.


In 2018 The FA launched its 3-year equality, diversity and inclusion plan – In Pursuit of Progress:


This plan is broken down into five areas:


  1. The FA and our culture;
  2. The England team's support structure (including both women's and men's elite teams);
  3. The game's grassroots workforce; 
  4. Inclusion programmes across the game, and
  5. Promoting inclusion by tackling discrimination.


The FA will seek to appoint members with expertise in these areas and who reflect collectively the diversity of people involved in football.

Key Accountabilities

As part of the IAB you will be required to:


  • Be advocates for The FA equality, diversity and inclusion work; influencing and championing the work to contribute to its success;
  • Debate issues, reflecting the views and interests of underrepresented groups, whilst acting in the best interests of The FA;
  • Act as an ambassador at local, regional, national and international events and in accordance with The FA's Code of Conduct;
  • Be able to challenge and provide constructive guidance to the executive on inclusion and anti-discrimination matters;
  • Provide subject matter expertise, skill and knowledge;
  • Actively contribute and provide thought leadership to the development of strategy; advise and participate in implementation (where required and practically possible).
What we are looking for
  • A passion for the equality, diversity and inclusion agenda.
  • A broad knowledge of the issues and challenges facing underrepresented groups in football.
  • Expert knowledge and thought leadership that is progressive and beneficial to the ongoing development of The FA's work in this area.
  • A sound understanding of the modern game of football in its various forms and of the structures and processes within football.
  • The ability to speak, present and network in an ambassadorial role.
  • The ability to build and maintain productive working relationships with others (including fellow IAB Members, FA Staff and colleagues from across the football family).
  • A willingness to act in the best interests of The FA without regard to personal interest or benefit.
Time Commitment

As a minimum, IAB Members should attend four meetings each year, typically at quarterly intervals.  Meetings are usually held on a weekday at Wembley Stadium although at least one of these meetings may be held at The National Football Centre at St. George's Park near Burton-On-Trent.
In addition, you may be asked to represent The FA at various events/forums.


Members will be appointed for a term of two years, after which they will be eligible for reappointment to a maximum of four times two years.


In addition, we are seeking to appoint an independent member of The FA Council with the remit to represent BAME football communities. This position is appointed by The FA's Inclusion Advisory Board (IAB) and sits also on the IAB.


The FA Council is part of the decision-making structure of The FA with constitutionally defined powers which enables it to manage and regulate the game of football in England. 


In addition to the accountabilities as a member of IAB, as part of The FA Council you will be required:

  • To debate issues, reflecting the views of the BAME community, whilst acting in the best interests of The FA.
  • To accurately and positively disseminate information from Council to your constituents, in this case the Inclusion Advisory Board (having regard to any confidential information which is provided to you).
  • To act in an ambassadorial role at local, regional, national and international events and in accordance with The FA's Code of Conduct.
  • To attend meetings of Council and other committees, sub-committees and working groups on which you serve.
  • To participate constructively in, and positively promote, the good governance of The FA.
  • To provide relevant expertise, skill and knowledge.
  • To contribute to debate and the decision-making process in order to resolve issues and further develop the game.
Additional Time Commitment

The level of commitment Council Members are required to make largely depends on the number of committees to which they are appointed. 


As a minimum, Council Members should attend each meeting of Council, of which there are usually five per year.  Meetings are usually on a weekday, commencing at 11.00am at Wembley Stadium.  Board and committee meetings are held at differing intervals but are usually on a weekday at Wembley Stadium.


Applications for our Inclusion Advisory Board and the FA Council role will be managed externally by Savannah Group. To apply, please email your CV and cover letter to by Thursday 14th November.


Interviews will be held at Wembley Stadium towards the end of November and early December with appointments made during December 2019.


The first Inclusion Advisory Board for new members will be held on January 13th 2020.

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